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Welcome to the Wellbeing services county of Kymenlaakso!

The wellbeing services county of Kymenlaakso  is taking the responsibility for organising social, health and rescue services in Kymenlaakso (Kouvola, Kotka, Hamina, Pyhtää, Miehikkälä and Virolahti).

The basic principle is to secure customers’ access to high-quality care according to their needs.

Health care and medical services

High-quality and easily attainable healthcare services are the right of each person living in Kymenlaakso.

The health and welfare of the residents in the region are promoted by means of a seamless service chain from preventive health care to basic health care and specialized medical treatment.

Book an appointment

By phone

Book an appointment for a nurse or doctor. Open from Monday to Friday.

Call 05 220 2000

Book an appointment for a dentist. Open from Monday to Friday.

Call 05 220 2200

Check your need for treatment online

In Omaolo you can check your need for treatment and contact public health care professionals in your municipality if necessary 24/7.

Go to Omaolo

For persons living in Pyhtää

Pyhtää health station

Call 05 220 2015

Pyhtää dental clinic

Call 02 202 203

Laboratory tests and imaging

Information and appointment booking available at

Go to

In urgent need of help, contact us

Medical Helpline 116117

Medical Helpline 116117 is a 24-hour service targeted at urgent health problems. Medical Helpline can provide advice on sudden health problems that are not emergencies. Call 116117 before you come to the emergency department, and you are directed to the right place of treatment or provides self-treatment instructions.

Call 116117

Emergency number

Please do not call the emergency number unless you have a genuine emergency for which you need urgent assistance from the authorities (police, paramedics, firefighters, social services). Please listen carefully to the operator’s instructions and answer their questions succinctly.

Call 112

Poison information Centre

Poison Information Centre responds by phone to questions concerning the prevention and treatment of acute cases of poisoning in humans 24/7.

Call 0800 147 111

Social and crisis emergency duty North (Kouvola)

Call 0400 533 595

Social and crisis emergency duty South (Kotka, Hamina, Virolahti, Miehikkälä, Pyhtää)

Call 040 509 5111

Regional emergency duty in dental care for sudden pain and accidents

Call 116117

Social services for people of all ages

Children, adolescents and families

The services for children, adolescents, and families support the internal resources of families and help parents in their coping, ensuring that children have safe circumstances in which to grow and develop. The services support the welfare of families and families and individuals facing problems to get help as early as possible.

The aged

Services for the aged support aged people to live in their homes safely for as long as possible. The importance of home care and other services provided at home increases as the person’s strengths diminish. Arranging and developing appropriate services for the aged as a part of the scaling of services promotes the welfare of aged residents.

People of working age

The purpose of services directed at people of working age is to promote and maintain the welfare, health, social security, and functioning capability of residents and communities. This can be achieved by arranging and producing appropriate and effective services, consolidating involvement, developing the social circumstances, and securing sufficient subsistence security for the residents.

Services for the disabled

The purpose of services for the disabled is to promote the preconditions of disabled persons to be equal members of society as well as to prevent and eliminate the disadvantages and obstacles resulting from disability.

Contact us

Social service customer instruction

You can ask about our social services or help, for example, in matters related to your own or a loved one’s everyday survival. When necessary, we will direct you to the right service. Phone line open from Monday to Friday.

Call 05 220 6000

Maternity and child health clinics

Get support in, for example, pregnancy prevention, expecting a child and after giving birth, as well as in the infant phase. Phone line open from Monday to Friday.

Call 05 220 2100

Mental health service instruction

If you are concerned about your own mental health condition or your use of substances, first contact the counseling of mental health and substance abuse services. Phone line open from Monday to Friday.

Call 05 220 2150

Rescue services

The Kymenlaakso rescue department rescues and protects people, property, and the environment in all tasks assigned to the rescue services.

The Kymenlaakso rescue department coordinates readiness, prevents accidents by educating and creating conditions for a rescue with its professional, motivated, and committed personnel.

Emergency response centre agency

When to call 112? If you have an emergency or you need urgent assistance from the authorities If you know or suspect that somebody’s life, health, property or the environment is under threat or in danger.

Call 112

112 Suomi mobile application

With this application, you can contact to the emergency center and get instructions for dangerous and emergency situations.

Read more and download the app

Search our locations (in Finnish)

Find our hospitals, fire stations, health centers and offices. Search available in Finnish only.

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